I am a busy woman. So busy, in fact, I tried to give this blog up. Abba Father would not let me. Convicted, I wept as I usually do when He speaks to me directly. I feel His ripples in my soul moving outward so His truth changes me, makes me beseder (in order). His will changes me, if I allow it. It can be brutal and drastic. Scales shifted and reordered and systematically restored.

When my husband is out of town is when the most work occurs. He has been out three times in three weeks so the work has been tremendous. There is so much sometimes, life is so intense, I don’t know how to capture it. I feel I have to turn to poetry because how else to explain these glimpses into God, how else to record as a scribe or be someone simply trying to make sense out of her life?

My ten year old tells me she wants to work with DNA and make new animals. “What’s it called Mom, a hygenist?”

“No darling, a genetisist. What kind of animals do you want to make?”

“A cross between a bird and a cat. I tried to draw it but it didn’t turn out too well. I’ve thought about,” she paused for the word, “genetics a long time.”

I felt excitement for a path, a goal for her, while at the same time keenly aware of how paths can change so quickly and of dissapointment. Her dissapointment? No, I realized, mine. Keep open, God’s Spirit reminded me.



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